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the ultimate connection between brands and fans

Fanalyzer is the ultimate service for artists, music labels, talent agencies & brands in general that generates true insights into entire fan bases.

Years ago, we noticed that artists are bombarded with data from all angles, platforms and services with no way to keep a coherent overview of it all. Additionally, their fans are spread throughout all social media and music platforms further complicating their ability to target the ones that really matter.

So we built a solution:

We aggregate data: Fanalyzer reads data from all social media networks as well as all music services, combining historical data from the fan plus the artist's realtime data, Fanalyzer creates the ultimate fan profile.

Our process is to reward the uber- fans by giving them elevated member-ship status in our “GLDN CIRCLE”. This also turns casual fans into new ambassadors and it helps monetize them the right way.

We analyse data: With this data we already show the artist how their overall online performance is developing while also creating benchmarks. We can show them for example how Facebook can influence Spotify and which fans are truly engaged on each platform. Of course the service also shows the artists when to post an article on Facebook or Twitter to get the best engagement and reach, while also providing the self learning publishing tool to do so.

Our Mission

We set out to be a platform agnostic database with deep fan-profiles. We did not want to rely on any one given service as people’s usage of these platforms change very rapidly and there is no guarantee that fan’s engagement will stay the same in any given space. Plus of course there will be new services in the future.

Who we are?

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Patrick Jongmans
CEO E-heroes

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Rick Haayen
CEO Music at Work
Music at Work

Main features

Fanalyzer does it all, but here are some highlights

Gldn Circle fan portal

Use the 'Gldn Circle' as your membersite to engage with your fans and to collect data you can rely on. It's the ultimate loyalty program and engagement mechanism.

Social insights

Get insights in the online behaviour of your fans and and how this influences the music platforms you are on.

Social profiling

We combine all the data across 6 platforms to give you much better insights in who your fans are, where they are, and how to ideally connect with them.

Social media publishing

By analyzing and applying the data above we we help you publish all your content the right way.

Engage and interact

We give you the tools to test your music, share exclusive content and reward your superfans based on their engagement.

And much more...

Want to know more about Fanalyzer or join our beta-program? Tell us a bit about yourself and the artists and we will contact you within 48 hours.

Better insights for all major platforms
Who are your fans, deep post metrics and more
Track your fans and their behaviour
Compare your published content with ease
Learn from the differences
How does your social platforms influences your music plays
Share exlusive content with your superfans

We collect data from social and music networks

all major platforms are included and we are adding new ones every month

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Want to know more about Fanalyzer or join our beta-program? Tell us a bit about yourself and the artists and we will contact you within 48 hours.